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I remember this view, looking up and back at the ghosts of congregants from the early 1900s, and my own ghosts from the last years of that century. Convergence and a little synchronicity.

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Aghast (a-gassed?) but not absorbed…

Submitted by on Saturday, 22 May 20104 Comments

This was a tough week to be a news junkie.  But I need news.  I need information.  Am I torturing myself?  Or being a well-informed citizen?  You tell me.  (really, please… tell me!)

We’ve all read/heard/seen tons about the insane catastrophe that is the BP oil rig disaster.  Oil continues to spew into the Gulf of Mexico while BP treats it as a public relations issue that just needs the right spin…  The whole thing is a nightmare, everyone is pointing fingers at everyone else but no one knows how to stop the damned oil from geysering into the Gulf, or how to properly clean it up.  We are all watching, appalled, shocked, saddened, and dismayed.   My admiration and general liberal-biased backing of our current Commander in Chief aside, all I can say is, "heck of a job, Barry!"  But I’m not happy about it, not one bit.

In times of complete reality overload,  Jon Stewart is exactly who I want to get it my news from.    Here is what he had to say about the BP Oil debacle on the May 13 Daily Show… I know it’s eight minutes long, but it’s worth it, I promise.  

Meanwhile, how about those crazy politicians in Arizona, and Texas, huh?  (oh wait, there goes that Andy Rooney popping up in my post, whoops!)  But seriously folks, how about those wacky Arizonians?  First they make it practically illegal to look Latino while existing in within Arizona state lines.  Now they (and that wacky Texas state school board) want to ban ethnic studies classes, to prevent students from learning too much about how other cultures were oppressed by white, European men who took over everything.  We can’t have the truth dragging down little Timmy while he learns about his state and country, now can we?  One of my favorite comments on this came from the monologue at the beginning of Real Time with Bill Maher:  "they passed a bill… banning public schools from offering any courses in ethnic studies.  It’s funny, you know, they never say they’re targeting Mexicans specifically, but I think we get that idea.  Today they passed a bill that said beans can only be fried once"…    Whichever you prefer, imperialism or expansionism; Slave Trade or Atlantic Triangular Trade…  stay tuned…  (I think this one is gonna explode like, well, like an underwater oil eruption).

There is always something on for me to read.  If you’ve been scanning my Facebook wall, please forgive the repetition.  I am always always fascinated by the cultural zeitgeist created by a living our lives online.   

Some say, the internet and social network world have ruined our brains.  In the non-stop fast action click click click on-line decision making process (follow that link! To click or not to click, that is the question – wait what was I reading? ) our tiny tiny attention spans have now extended to our appetites.   Many smaller dishes, all serving up a different choice.  Because we can no longer decide upon, or settle for eating merely one.  Tapas culture?  Or the return of human-sized portions?  Is this the end of obesity, or as my friend P commented on my Wall, is it gluttony deficit syndrome?  

 And this gem, specifically relating to Facebook.   Mark Zuckerberg and company are finally under fire for deciding that our online lives should be entirely out of our hands, regardless of any bogus "privacy settings" Facebook leads us to believe we are putting up around ourselves…  and apparently he scans our profiles for his own personal entertainment, foretelling our futures by reading our posts and page hits like digital tea leaves…   Mwaah haa haa!  Forget Steve Jobs being the new Bill Gates, that young whippersnapper upstart Zuckerberg is Anakin in the lava, cleaving to the Dark Side.  

 Rand Paul and the Teabaggers (hey, that would be a great name for a band!) as well as plain ole sane and sensible folk can all agree on one thing:  we all have no trust in our government.  And as usual, with it’s usual snarky perfection, had it’s own take on the American love-hate relationship it has with itself.  The government doesn’t trust the American people, either.  Why would they?  Some of us voted Michele Bachmann into office, and we want to keep the government’s hands off of our Medicare! 

I am eagerly awaiting next week’s entertainment.  I mean, infotainment.  I mean, news. 



  • Laurence said:

    As a “Lost” fan, I can’t help but notice that the photo shows something that looks a lot like the Smoke Monster coming out of that pipe. Too bad we don’t have Jacob, or Jack, or Hugo to deal with the consequences.

  • Jane (author) said:

    So I’ve never actually seen a Lost episode (I know, I know!) but would I be correct in assuming they’d have taken care of the whole mess by now? Or would the whole spill be some sort of purgatory for the the Queen of “Drill Baby Drill”?

  • Heather said:

    I was going to bring up “Lost” too and then scrolled down to see someone beat me to it. Community (or at least water cooler talk) used to center around common TV shows we watched as a country. You may hate the jerk in the cubicle next to you, but if s/he watched your show, you’d always have a commonality. Now we’re all pulled here and there by a media/medium overload. Too many satellite channels, too many websites. I heard in the office next to me a conversation the other day where two people were trying to find a TV common. One was throwing out standard ABC show, the other watched the ones on CBS. One watched Lifetime, one watched Oxygen. Then one was still on MySpace (really?) and the other on Facebook. People used to get news from network stations and form their own opinions and debate, and now they get their news (and opinions) spoon-fed to them by FOX and MSNBC and fight instead of debate.

  • Jane (author) said:

    But Heather, Facebook *is* my water cooler!

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